The best book I’ve ever read!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

This week, something rather gorgeous happened; I saw the above sign outside our local library. What attracted me to it was the name, ‘Dr Seuss’, as I grew up with his amazing, wild and wacky books. They used to transport me to other worlds and I would get lost in his stories for hours. Without a second thought, I trotted into the library to have a closer look, and it was inside that quiet and colourful space that something quite magical happened… I discovered the most incredible book I think I have ever read. It was written by the one and only Dr Seuss himself, and it’s called “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”. It sums up all the fears and challenges and ups and downs of life in a few unforgettable pages. That book really spoke to me. It highlighted quite simply, that life is most definitely what we make of it. So, enjoy this week’s video and if you have children, then share it with them too, as I know they’ll love it as much as you will!