How to Develop a Positive Mindset (Part 4)

Journaling: how it really can transform your life.

This week’s Motivational Video is the fourth and final video in our series on ‘How to Develop a Positive Mindset’. I share one of my favourite topics with you; ‘Journaling’, and explain how it really can transform your life.

Journaling is possibly one of the most simple but profoundly life-changing tools available to us all. It has the power to enhance our well-being on so many levels. You don’t have to be an amazing writer, all you need is a pen and some paper and a desire to grow and learn more about yourself.

I hadn’t journaled for a few years but began again early this year. I can honestly say that, if it wasn’t for my journaling, Inspire Beyond Belief would not be launching in 3 weeks’ time! In this week’s video, I show you just how impactful this practice is by sharing with you some of my private journal entries from this year. You will see how the process enabled my confidence to grow and my ideas take shape.