If you have read ‘My Story’ you will know that when I dreamed up this idea of creating Inspire Beyond Belief I would visualise people sending in messages, telling me how much it had helped change their life.

You can only imagine how proud I am to be able to share the following words with  you, which I call ‘Love Notes’. These are written by people that have watched the videos, listened to the podcasts, as well as those from our exclusive Members’ Club.

Hi Lin It’s been six months since I joined the Inspire Beyond Belief Community and I wanted to let you know that I am so happy that I made the decision to sign up. Your bundles have been SOOO helpful across all areas of my life from the goal setting, creating a positive mindset, getting on top of finances and the parenting tips. I love receiving the bundles each month; watching the videos and working through the worksheet and action list. I feel like it’s such amazing value for $20 a month and without your bundles I would have still been doing the same old things as I was doing six months ago – but I’m not, I’ve made so many awesome improvements in my life, so thank you!
T. Falconer, Member

Inspire beyond belief has helped me get that extra boost to get my life sorted, after a life time of depression I was lucky to already be on a very positive path. I got off Anti depression meds at the beginning of last year, but I was still stuck. I join the Facebook page because I loved the positive messages I kept seeing, and the video’s Lin did. I love the videos and how they are mostly short, so you can watch one when you have a few spare minutes in the day, having an action plan and workbook to print out has also been extremely helpful. Because I can look at it when I am watching tv and it helps get me get planning again and working on reaching my goals. Because of the Money Bundle videos I have started budgeting and I am actually saving money for a change even though before watching the money videos I had no idea where we could save money, but with quitting smokes (still in progress but getting there) and cutting out “treats” we were having a bit too often. We have been able to get rego’s for cars, little things the cars needed (like brakes) and my darling and I are going away for a night for our anniversary (raising grandkids is hard work).  The fearless you, videos helped me get some of my confidence back, and helped me believe in me, which I lost soo long ago. affirmations went up first and from there it just kept going. This house is now a positive house, most of the time. With the videos on future planning and goals they made sense and even though I have seen many videos and done many things with goal setting for some reason Lin’s clicked with me, I have now published my first book, through amazon, it’s taken six years since I started the process and with the positive advice and sticking to the plan I got it done. Now I am working hard on the sequels. I am still working through the money bundles, and I am looking forward to watching the parenting one. I am so grateful that I have been able to see a distinct change for the better in my life, and because of that the whole house is more positive.

K. Wells, Member 

“But most of all it made me realise that it most definitely NOT OK to have allowed myself to be so unhappy for so long”

I’ve never forgotten how you helped me when I was so unhappy in my marriage. The exercises we did together were an incredible eye opener and I’ll always be grateful. But most of all it made me realise that it most definitely NOT OK to have allowed myself to be so unhappy for so long.
xx Jackie Norman

“You made me see that if I would just open my mind, I could achieve it. And I did.”

Thank you Lin. You helped me to see where I was at in my working life, where I actually wanted to be and what I needed to do to get there. The wheels were set in motion from our first meeting and the most amazing chain of events began to unfold.

I was completely stuck in a career rut and hadn’t been truly happy at work for a couple of years. My work/life balance was non-existent and my family was really suffering as a result. But the trouble was, I didn’t know what to do change things. When my boss asked me what my 5 year plan was, I realised I had no idea. I didn’t even have a 5 month plan! I just blindly went along, year to year, doing the same old thing, and never thought about making a plan for the future. I can see now that I was scared and didn’t actually believe I could change things or do anything else.

When we first sat down together, you helped me begin to work through my thoughts and feelings about my current work situation. That session was a complete and utter eye-opener! I had used words such as ‘frustrated’, ‘exhausted’, ‘unsupported’ and ‘powerless’ to describe how I felt about my job. When I saw it written down it seemed so obvious that something had to change.

You taught me some fundamental things. The first was the importance of clarity. Before I could move forward, I needed to understand where I was currently and exactly what it was that I wanted to achieve. You explained the importance of journaling to me. At first I wasn’t sure about writing everything down- sometimes I didn’t think I had anything to actually write- but often these were the times when I realised something crucial, or made a big step forward in the process of understanding ‘what next’. This process has empowered me to take control of my life again and become increasingly sure about where I was heading. You helped me realise the hugely powerful effect of mindfulness and meditation. You taught me that meditation was not some kind of ‘hippy relaxation’ but a way of totally focussing my mind on what was important and opening up to all the infinite possibilities that are out there. In fact this part of my journey has been incredibly powerful and enlightening. By concentrating fully on what I wanted, opening my eyes, noticing signs and acting on them, things started literally falling into place. I think I had previously been living life with blinkers on, just concerned with the here and now and ‘getting through the week’. However, within a few days of beginning daily mindfulness sessions, I started to see signs and opportunities all around me. I was more proactive. I started acting on my gut feeling and trusting my instinct. I took risks, asked questions, made phone calls, researched anything that resonated with me and stepped way out of my comfort zone. But each step of the journey felt right and I didn’t doubt the process at all. When it came to updating my CV for the first time in 16 years, instead of letting my self-doubt overcome me, I felt absolutely determined to nail it, and I put together a CV that I was proud of.

I finally understood what I wanted. Perhaps most importantly though, I possessed a new-found belief that I could actually achieve it. Within the space of 2 months after my initial meeting with Lin, I saw my dream job advertised. I swallowed my self-doubt and requested an application pack. The application process was huge, but all along I had a steady, calm belief that this job was mine if I wanted it enough. The day after receiving my application, I was called for an interview. It was the first formal interview I had had in 16 years: Four people around a board table, each asking me questions. This was terrifying and exciting in equal parts. But the energy in the room was uplifting and positive and the entire process felt like it was meant to be. A few months ago this entire scene would have been just the stuff of fairy tales, something that happened to other people, not me. But an hour after I finished the interview I received a call offering me the job.

I start my new position in 6 weeks and am so excited about the new direction my life has taken. I can’t thank you enough, Lin, for inspiring and empowering me to be the best I can be. To you, anything was possible and you made me see that if I would just open my mind, I could achieve it. And I did.

Inspired beyond belief!!
Tara Holland

“Thanks! I have just watched your videos and love them!”

“Just wanted to say “Thanks”! I have watched your videos and love them! I even started the 30 Day Challenge after watching the Journaling video and I am now up to day 20! Some days are better than others but on the days where the words come gushing out, I smile to myself and think that feels better … long may it continue”
Samantha Watt