I see it in your eyes.

Your sparkle has gone.

I totally get it. It feels like you have lost direction in life.

You often wake to negative thoughts and it’s a struggle to shift your mindset. Juggling family and work is exhausting at times and you rarely have time to yourself to recharge.

Your confidence is like a yo-yo which impacts on your self-belief and your ability to complete tasks and achieve goals.

Deep down you know there is more to life than this, but you have no idea how to change things

Well, I am here to tell you that you CAN change things and it is all made possible by making a choice.

Choose to get your sparkle back!

The ‘sparkle’ in you represents; your inner confidence, knowing your unique self, knowing your values, believing in your dreams (do you even know what these are?!), and following your pathway with passion.

I get where you are at right now because I too felt the same. I had similar thoughts that would flood my mind, see if you recognise any;

“I worry what others think of me”

“I often think negative thoughts and wish I could change this”

“I’m sick of worrying about money”

“I feel undervalued and unappreciated by my loved ones”

“There’s something wrong with me, I’m not good enough”

“I just want to be me, but I’m not sure who I am anymore or how to be me”

“When was I really truly happy”

Sound familiar?!

Then make a choice.  Make today the turn point in your life, because… 

“Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes”

If you keep doing the same things, you will always get the same results.

You see, knowing that your choices can impact your life, is your first start. 

Knowing that YOU have the ability to create change, is the start of igniting your inner sparkle.

Wouldn’t you like to live a life you’ve always dreamed of, to know that things CAN change for the better and that your hopes and dreams can be your reality?

Wouldn’t you love to look back on this day and smile knowing it was the start of the new confident you, the person who put herself first to realise her full potential, who didn’t worry what others thought of her and who was willing to do what it took, so she could learn, grow and achieve all she wanted!

Isn’t it time to move the negative thoughts aside and focus on building a strong mindset, one that becomes your superpower from here on in so you can be your own confident support person in future?

Imagine waking each day feeling like you had control of your emotions and feelings and knowing that today’s baby steps would lead to your pathway of success! What does success even look like to you?

Just imagine having your own cheerleader who provided big sisterly love and rock solid accountability, to support and guide you, to hold your hand and cheer you along your journey.  

Imagine someone there to pick you up when you fall, to encourage you along the way and to give you the tools and strategies to create your dream life and live it now.

I am that person!  I am going to celebrate your wins and help you create an unstoppable mindset and an aligned lifestyle.  I am not going to abandon you, when it gets hard and neither are you, because we have one common goal……to see you sparkle!

I am physical living proof that this works, and I am going to share all I know with you.   My programme BELIEVE, is in an 8-week  transformational programme, based on  the 7 principals that impacted my life and can for you too.

Let me share my story with you and see if BELIEVE is for you.

20 years ago, I felt lost and was simply living day to day. I had no direction and would often wake to negative thoughts. I was miserable and stuck in my own head and it was exhausting and lonely .  I lacked confidence  and had no belief in myself what-so-ever, and whilst I knew deep down there was more to life than this, I had no idea how to change things.  That is when the big black hole swallowed me up and I hit rock bottom.  

It was from here that I outsourced help. It was a costly exercise of time, money and energy, but one that transformed my life.

I uncovered things about myself that had been holding me back most my life and discovered things that gave me hope and opportunities. I developed strong values and could see the shift in my mindset. Everything that had been stuck in my head for most of my life, I was able to get rid of, it was a release and a shift and that’s when the lightbulb moments began. 

Getting out of my own head and learning to understand who I was, what I wanted and believing I could have this, was the most impactful part of the journey. I no longer felt exhausted by the negative thoughts that had previously ruled my life. I discovered what my core values were, which enabled me to become stronger and more confident (I would come to learn later that these values were what kept me on my pathway to success). I was able to discover what I wanted in life and these newfound hopes and dreams was novel and exciting.  Through this learning and change, I saw something I’d not seen before……..for the first time in my life, I had a ‘sparkle’. And this was the most wonderful and epic part of the journey

That sparkle is what got me jumping out of bed each morning.  It’s what kept me focused throughout my days and weeks.  It was the driver that help developed an inner strength in me, that I had just can’t explain.   The sparkle represented what was inside of me and as time went on, I sparkled on the outside too. 

“That ‘sparkle’ represented; confidence, knowing my unique self, believing in my dreams, knowing my values and following my pathway with passion.  I came to learn what life was all about and I sure as hell wasn’t going to ‘exist’ any longer, I was determined to live it well and to leave a legacy.”

Little did I know that through this transformational journey I would come to realise many others shared a similar story and during a beach walk in 2017, I had an epiphany. I was that person here to guide them, to inspire them and show them they too can believe in themselves and get their sparkle back.

So my question for you is this;  Do you have a sparkle? If no, then BELIEVE is for you.

Believe stands for;

The BELIEVE programme consists of 8 modules of group coaching. These will be live teachings with an opportunity to ask questions at the end of each session and they will be recorded and yours forever.  There will also be a private Facebook group where I will be available to keep you focused and on track throughout the programme and will be key to your transformation. 

Just imagine in 8 weeks that you were a happier and more confident YOU. Imagine waking up each day with a clear understanding and direction of your future hopes and dreams. And knowing you had found your sparkle? How would that make you feel?

The question however is; Are you ready?!

If you are done with being stuck.

Done with feeling like you are chasing your tail and feeling like you are not getting anywhere.

Then the answser is YES……..I AM READY!

I am ready and willing to create the changes required to rediscover my Sparkle & achieve my Dream Life now!

All you have to do is TAKE THAT NEXT STEP.

It’s time to take ACTION!

It’s time to join BELIEVE!

There’s a wonderful saying that I heard when I was at rock bottom and it’s this;

“Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes”

So, my question to you is this:  If nothing in your life changes now, could this still be you in a years’ time?

If your answer is ‘yes’, and you have found yourself nodding away as you sit here reading this, then I’m so pleased, because the BELIEVE programme is for you.  The question is are you ready for this?

If the answer is YES, then click here and let’s get you on a pathway to success, let’s get your sparkle back and create your dream life now.

If this programme is not quite what you’re looking for, then check out our Members’ Club, click below for your 7-day free trial, then £10 / $20NZD per month.

The BELIEVE programme has been created by Life Design Specialist, Lin Alchin and is especially for women like you!

Lin lives in the beach town of Whangamata, New Zealand with her husband Lee and their two children. Known by many as the ‘Accountability Queen’, Lin is a go-getter and a ‘get-it-done-er’ and is passionate about helping others achieve personal success.

With Lin at the helm, you are in safe hands!


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