About us

Inspire Beyond Belief is a place for you to come and gather inspiration, tools and strategies. It will empower you to change your mindset so you can achieve amazing things. The program and community will help people who, just like me, face challenges every single day. I found my 30’s and 40’s to have been the hardest years as you are dealing with transitioning into adulthood and all the responsibilities and stresses that come with this, including mortgages, careers, family, business, financial struggles and those pesky grey hairs! Inspire Beyond Belief is a place where is it safe to share, knowing you will get support and be given the tools to make incredible progress on your own personal journey. Eventually you will be able to teach and inspire others, including your partners, husbands, and children. This may seem a long way off from where you are today but, as I have found, the inspirational journey has to start within yourself.

Our Facebook page has daily picture quotes and affirmations which are powerful tools to help shift your mindset and inspire and motivate you to take action. It also features professional videos, vlogs and webinars packed full of inspiring content.

We have a special members club where you can access our full range of content, including our bi-monthly ‘bundles’. Bundles are based a a specific topic and include a whole video series, Workbook and Action List.

We have a private facebook forum where people can come on board to share their stories, struggles, challenges and support each other in a private and safe environment. There is no place or space for naysayers and negative people!

The Inspire Beyond Belief Family

Lin Alchin, Miss Motivator
Lin is an enthusiastic entrepreneur! Her ability to take an idea and turn it into reality and success is what impresses most. But if there is one thing that she is passionate about, apart from Whittaker’s chocolate, it’s helping others. “I believe every one of us have the ability to create amazing lives for ourselves, however it is up to us as individuals to want to make this happen, and I want to teach people how to do just that”.

Beck Evans, VA Bestie
Rebecca Evans has been my BFF since high school in Wellington and during the late 1980s we used to sit next to each other in typing class. She was such a wizz on the old clunky typewriters and we used to have such fun! She was always a step ahead of me and her strengths far outweigh mine, so when I realised I needed an extra arm, I knew Beck would be perfect! Beck is my VA Bestie (virtual assistance) and you will get to meet her over in the Facebook live chats.

Tara Holland, Editing Queen
Both our boys have Type 1 Diabetes and that is how we met, at Diabetes camp 2010! We formed a friendship and support one another through our Diabetes issues as well as successes. Tara is an amazing writer and when I realised I needed someone to cross my t’s and apply the dots, she was at the front of my mind! She is my number one Editing Queen whom I couldn’t be without!


Lee Alchin, #1 Support Person and Dogs Body!
Lee is my number one supporter and hubby. We met in 1996 before traveling throughout Europe in an old Kombi van and finally returned to NZ to set up a new life together! We got a kitten, brought a house, married one other and had two gorgeous children!Lee keeps me balanced! He is always on hand to help and support me with my crazy ideas, plus he comes in handy with some of the filming and techy stuff too! Together we make an awesome hubby/wife team!Definition of Dogs Body “A person who does boring or unpleasant jobs that other people do not want to do” Te he he – Lee’s idea, not mine!